Amazon has shut down your profitable product listing? We’ll help to reinstate your ASIN.

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Your Product Listing Got Suspended?

Don’t panic. ASIN reinstatement is one of Sellers911 specialties.

We’ll do our best to reinstate your suspended ASIN

Every day, Amazon suspends thousands of product listings and usually, it’s a complete surprise for the sellers. You may get a suspension notice from Amazon at any moment. The sad irony is that with a probability of 100%, this will your best selling product. And what can you do now? Apply to the experts!

We work with all Amazon Marketplaces including

Amazon.com – USA

Amazon.co.uk – The United Kingdom

Amazon.ca – Canada

Amazon.fr – France

Amazon.de – Germany

Amazon.it – Italy

Amazon.mx – Mexico

Amazon.es – Spain

Amazon.jp – Japan

Amazon.com.au – Australia

Amazon.com.tr – Turkey

Amazon.nl – The Netherlands

Amazon.in – India

Amazon.com.br – Brasil

Amazon.ae – United Arab Emirates

Amazon.sa – Saudi Arabia

Amazon.sg – Singapore

Why your ASIN gets suspended

We reinstate ASINs on a daily basis, this is one of the specialties of our company, so we know all the ins and outs better than anybody. Most ASINs are blocked due to common reasons and we know how to cope with each of them. Let us free you from tiresome paperwork and get you back to making money!

Reasons for the ASIN suspension include

Inauthentic claim

Counterfeit claim

Used sold as new

IP/Counterfeit infringement

Trademark infringement

Copyright infringement

Misusing ASIN variations

Late shipment rate

Order defect rate

FBA warnings

Low tracking rate

Late shipping rate

Restricted product removal

No matching product detail page

Amazon Transparency - 2D Barcode

Invoices not meeting data requirements

Safety complaints

Why you should apply to the experts:

1. Writing an appeal letter is difficult and takes much time.

2. The “wrong” appeal letter can only worsen the situation with your ASIN reinstatement.

3. An ASIN suspension notice can be a warning before shutting down your entire account. You should act quickly!

How we work with Amazon Suspended ASIN Product Listing

To start working on your case, we’ll need you to send us the original Amazon product suspension email and any other correspondence you had with them regarding Amazon Suspended Listing.

Also, we may ask you a few questions related to the case as well as documents that can be required by Amazon. At this stage, your participation ends, try to relax and wait for good news.
We’ll thoroughly analyze the situation, write an effective appeal letter and Plan of Action, send you the docs and provide further instructions on where to submit them and what to say.

In most cases, you’ll get an Amazon reinstatement letter shortly after submitting the appeal. Rarely Amazon may ask you for additional information or documents, don’t worry, we’ll be with you throughout the process and handle all the paperwork and correspondence. Somehow or other, we’ll get your product ASIN reinstated and you’ll get back to selling again.

What you’ll get from our experts:

Appeal letter

24/7 support from our team

Unlimited letters until your ASIN gets reinstated

Get Your ASIN Reinstated for a Fair Price

Tell us about your case, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Don’t take a risk of losing your business – get a free consultation from our expert.

Contact us, and we’ll help you to get your product listing back.

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