Get your brand registered and protect it from inauthentic products, fake reviews and resellers.

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Brand Registry: Protect Your Amazon Brand

We’ll guide you through your brand registry process

Why should you join Amazon Brand Registry?

As a private label seller on Amazon, you must have often come across dirty 3rd party sellers who want to cash in on your hard work or harm your best selling product. These unpleasant situations can include a change in your product’s content, sending counterfeit items to your customers, complaints of copyright infringement and much more. In order to protect honest sellers and trademark owners from such fraud, Amazon offers a brand protection program known as the Brand Registry.

5 Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

Access to Amazon enhanced brand content

EMC allows sellers to modify product descriptions using enhanced images and text.
Adding enhanced brand content to your product listings in most cases result in higher conversions, increased traffic, and sales growth.

Advanced search and violations report tools

You can easily detect and prevent potential infringement to your brand thanks to these tools.

Global search: you can search by content in all Amazon stores in a single place, without having to switch between different pages.

Image search: you can search for Amazon listings that match your branded logo or product using images.

Bulk ASIN search: you can search for a list of ASINs or URLs in bulk to detect a violation of your intellectual rights and report on potentially infringing content.

Additional features for Amazon brand protection

In addition to standard customer protection methods, Amazon Seller Central Brand Registry members can provide additional brand information that will be used for identifying and removing potentially bad listings. Such cases include:

Listings that misuse your trademarked terms in the titles

Product listings being created using your brand name while you have already listed your entire catalog on Amazon

Images that contain your logo, but the product does not refer to your brand

Sellers who ship products from countries in which you don't distribute your brand or don't have manufacture facilities

What are Amazon Brand Registry requirements?

You’ll need an active text or image-based trademark (don’t worry, we will gladly help you with trademark registration ). Currently, Amazon accepts trademarks issued by government trademark offices in United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the EU.

Further registration in Amazon Brand Registry program occurs in three steps:


adjust your account so that it meets eligibility criteria;


confirm that all your products contain correct information about the brand


 submit all the necessary documents.

We’ll gladly help you with all these steps!

Start protecting your brand right now!

Brand registration on Amazon helps protect your brand and provides your customers with a reliable shopping experience. Moreover, participation in this program will give you access to exclusive tools that allow you to enhance product listings, search and report violations of your intellectual rights and proactively respond to them.

What’s even better, after a successful search, Brand Registry algorithm will provide you with simple and clear instructions on how to submit a report on potential infringement.

We’ll gladly provide you all the necessary Amazon brand registration help which includes submitting of Amazon Brand Registry enrollment request and registering your trademark. So if you’re ready to apply for Brand Registry program and access all its benefits, just contact us and let’s get started!

Register Your Amazon Brand Without Efforts

Tell us about your case, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Our experts will do all the work while you may keep working and growing your Amazon business!

Contact us, and we’ll help you with your Amazon brand registry.

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